User Manual

Home Screen

On first entering the website, you are presented with the standard screen. This screen is the “Asia” face, and covers a number of types of bet and serves a multitude of functions.

Left-Hand Navigation

The sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen allows you to select a sport and bet type. Simply click on your chosen sport and you will see a list of the popular bet types for that sport.

The Market Types are as follows:

HDP & OU (HT & FT)

– This is handicaps and Over/Under markets

1X2 (HT & FT)
- This is the standard “Home Draw Away” markets – Half Time & Full Time

Correct Score

– This predicting the correct score for a given event

Odd / Even

– Will the total number of goals / points be odd or even?

Total Goals

– How many goals will be scored in total?


–  Predict the outcome at half time and also at full time (Home Draw Away)


In outright markets you are betting that an outcome will happen, a team to win the league, cup or be relegated.

Below, you will see a picture of the Sport Type bar, with the user having pressed football:

Above the Sports Type, you will be able to press the ‘Live Sports’ box as can be seen in blue at the top of the screen. This will change the Sports Type bar to show the sports that currently have live events as can be seen below:

Navigation Bar (Top of the Screen)

At the top of the screen there is a Navigation Bar where you can search by competition/participant, refine by date, change the auto-refresh time for odds, refine by competition, sort by Competition/Time, and change the odds type.

Search by Competition/Participant:

The small box at the top will allow the user to search by either Competition or Participant (team or individual). To change the search option use the drop down arrow to specify your chosen search type, then simply  enter the name of the Competition/Participant you wish to view and press the search icon on the right-hand side of the box.

Refine by Date:

This is below the search bar feature, the user can select “All Dates” or a specific date and only events taking place on that day or days will display on the page. Use the ‘More’ button to select a date which is more than a week in the future. All dates are in Month/Day format (MM/DD)

Refine by Competition:

The Competitions button navigates to a screen where all of the competitions playing on the selected date are listed. Activate the tick boxes and press confirm to show one or more of the available competitions. Users can also select ‘Country’ or ‘World’, if selecting  ‘World’ the displaywill show intercontinental competitions, for example, The UEFA Champion’s League.

Sort by Competition/Time:

This function allows you to sort the information by the event start time or to group events by their competition.

Change Odds Format:
This function will allow you to change the way the odds are shown on the website. Currently, you can choose between Decimal, Fractional, Hong Kong and Hong Kong Extended odds.

Information Panel (Top-right)

This area gives the user information such as current time in your date and time zone, the language the site is currently in, your current balance, the format of the site (International or Asian), the help button section and the ability to make the bet slip section larger.

Date and Time Zone:
This is the current date and time for your time zone, it can be seen in the top left corner of this panel.

The Site Language:

This is the language of the site, clicking on the icon will show you a list of different languages and clicking one of them will change the site language.

This will show you the balance of your account, pressing the sign to the right of the number will refresh the balance.

Clicking on this will change the format of the site, between Asian and International views.

The view change will adapt the view of the home page and other screens. This is because Asian betting sites tend to have different views to the rest of the world.

Help Section:
Pressing this button will bring up the help section in the language that you have the site set to.

Enlarge the Bet Slip:

This button will allow you to enlarge the bet slip section

Below are examples of the standard sized slip (left) and the expanded slip (right):

Viewing All Markets for an Event

To view all markets for an event, click on any of the participants/team names in the event, or the number of markets (to the right of the names) and you will be shown a popup with all the available markets.

The popup will show you the available markets, but you can refine by market type by pressing on the relevant market type on the top bar of the popup:

You can refresh this list by pressing the refresh button at the top of the popup.
My Bets

When you press this button, you will your settled or unsettled bets. Simply click on ‘Unsettled’ or ‘Settled’ to see the respective bets. When you click on the bet, then you will see information about the bet and the event.

Live Sport Betting

It is possible to place bets on some sports that are currently running. If you click on ‘Live Sports’, you will see a list of events that are currently live and you will be able to refine by sport by clicking on the respective sport on the sidebar, and you will be presented with the sports that are currently offering live markets:

A few important notes regarding Live Bets:
The price (or odds) can change rapidly, and so you may be prompted if the price you’ve chosen odds changes. You would need to review the new price and click “Accept changes” before placing your bet.
As with any live betting systems, there can be a small delay between placing the bet and it being accepted to be processed, and the operator reserves the right not to accept a posted bet if we suspect that there are fraudulent betting patterns or any other irregular behaviour.
The game can have an action event such as a dangerous attack / red card / penalty awarded. Betting may be suspended for the duration of these particular phases of a match.

Live Views for Football and Tennis

We present a graphical view of the action points in the game, along with some key statistics to help you judge when to place a bet on an event. (It is important to note, however, that although we strive to provide you with the best and most up to date information, external circumstances outside of our control may mean that you should check the event information with other trusted suppliers in order to confirm your decision to place a bet.)

This view will update in close to real-time, showing you what’s happening for an event, and allowing you to quickly and simply assess your chances of winning.
To change what game you are viewing, simply press the small arrow sign next to the participants in the event as can be seen below in the red box:

Quick Bet Addition

The quick bet addition is a feature that can be seen when the user chooses a selection on their bet slip and looks like the below example:

Use this feature to quickly add monetary amounts to the bet. For instance, pressing ‘+5’ will add a value of 5 to the staked amount.

Mixed Multiple Bet Additions

The site offers quick, mixed Multiple additions to your bet slip. This feature will cover every possible combination of multiple bet that is put on a bet slip as can be seen below:

All: This will place the stake on all multiple combinations

Single: This will place all possible Single Bet selections

Double: This will place all possible selections as Doubles

Treble: This will place all possible selections as Trebles

4 Fold: This will place all possible selections as 4 Fold Accumulators 

5 Fold: This will place all possible selections as 5 Fold Accumulators 

6 Fold: This will place all possible selections as 6 Fold Accumulators 

'Max' bet button

The 'Max' button functions as a tool to allow the user to apply the maximum amount of money on the selection(s) they have chosen, and it works in accordance to our rules and regulations. Simply press the button to add the maximum amount of money that you are allowed to place on that selection(s).

Removing a Bet from the Bet Slip?

There are two simple ways to remove a selection from the Bet Slip. Firstly, when the selection has been chosen on the main screen, then simply click the highlighted selection to remove it:

Secondly, you can remove a selection from your Bet Slip by simply pressing the bin icon on the bet itself:

To remove all bets in the Bet Slip, press on the 'Delete all bets' button on the top of the slip: