This site offers varying different markets for all offered sports types. A market is a type of bet that a user can place a selection in. An example of this would be the Home, Draw, Away market.


A Selection is the outcome that a user has 'selected' as their choice for a bet.


This is the amount of money wagered on a selection.


A return is the amount returned from a bet including the stake. An example of this would be as follows:

10 staked

odds @ 5

Return (if selection is correct) = 50 (40 profit + 10 stake)


Profit is the amount returned excluding the stake. For example, if a player gets a 50 return on a bet, but staked 10 on the selection, they have 40 profit.


A Win is when the selection made by a player correctly predicts the outcome of the market.


A Lose is when the selection made by a player does not correctly predict the outcome of the market.


A Void selection is one where the selection made is no longer valid. For example, if a horse is scratched before the start of a race. In this instance, the stake will be returned and the bet is cancelled.

Related Contingency

A related contingency is an outcome that is related to another one. Subsequently, selections that are seen as effecting each other cannot be added together as multiples. An example of this would be the following: Placing a selection on a Home win in Chelsea v Manchester in a Premier League fixture + placing a bet on Chelsea to win the Premier League.

The above example cannot be placed as a multiple as the outcome of the fixture effects the outcome of who could win the Premier League.

Full Cover Bet

A full Cover Bet is one that covers all options for a group of selections. Some of these, such as Patents and Alphabets, have single bets that allow all selections made to be covered; however most are groupings of different multiple bets. Please see Bet Types Explained for further information on what Full Cover Bets are offered and how they work.